About Us

Ramcel Precision Stamping and Manufacturing LLC is a Leader In Custom Metal Stampings, Custom Tooling and Automated Assembly

Ramcel continues to be the world’s leading producers of custom tooling, metal stampings and automated assemblies since 1951.

We maintain our leadership position in the global marketplace by consistently updating and upgrading our processes, techniques, and equipment.  Plus, our on-going in-house training programs ensure that our staff of professionals and skilled equipment operators are knowledgeable and fully prepared to address client needs and challenges.

Our focus on excellence has resulted in Ramcel achieving certifications to IOS 9001:2008, ISO/TS 16949:2009, and ISO 14001:2004.

We are committed to delivering the highest quality, most cost-efficient processes, advanced technology, and customer focused service to meet our customer’s needs.


Employment at Ramcel Engineering Company

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Mission Statement

A Mission of Accuracy and Quality

The mission of Ramcel is to be the best manufacturer of precision metal parts where our success is measured by how well we anticipate, satisfy, and exceed customer expectations.

Quality Assurance

A Commitment to Performance and Quality

All parts are processed under full adherence and conformance to the quality standards of ISO 9001:2008, ISO / TS 16949:2009, ISO 14001:2004. Ramcel has been utilizing full SPC methodology since 1981 and continues to contribute to our overall quality and performance. With state of the art inspection equipment, including the latest technology in Optical CMM inspection, Ramcel gathers the data and exports it into easy to interpret quality reports. Using this equipment allows Ramcel to measure many parts very quickly positively impacting throughput, thus leveraging overall cost for your company. To maximize this leveraged cost, Ramcel also employs the use of analog and digital vision systems to automatically inspect hole presence and location, as the parts are being produced in our presses.


A Brief History of Ramcel Precision Stamping and Manufacturing LLC

  • 1950: Ramcel Engineering Company was founded by Richard A. Mengarelli (RAM) and Charles E. Lindgren (CEL). Operations begin in the basement of Richard’s parents’ home on the Northwest side of Chicago.
  • 1951: Changed from a partnership to a corporation under the laws of the State of Illinois.
  • 1956: Ramcel Engineering moves to 8120 N. Ridgeway, Skokie, Illinois
  • 1958: We begin using our “tryout” press for production stamping.
  • 1960: Ramcel Engineering purchases a 10,000 sq. ft. building at 7340 N. Ridgeway, Skokie, Illinois.
  • 1968: Ramcel Engineering builds a 25,000 square foot building and moves to its current location at 2926 MacArthur Boulevard, Northbrook.
  • 1976: We add an 11,000 square foot warehouse.
  • 1978: Ramcel Engineering constructs the building at 3120 MacArthur Boulevard to house Die-Tronics, its Wire EDM / Laser sister company, and for additional warehouse space.
  • 1984: Ramcel’s engineering department begins utilizing AutoCAD to design its dies.
  • 1987: We add a west annex, an additional 11,000 square feet of manufacturing space.
  • 1989: Ramcel Engineering purchases three Mazak vertical machining centers.
  • 1991: We begin replacement of mechanical press feeds with servo feeds.
  • 1992: Ramcel Engineering purchases its first 300 ton Minster E2 Hevi Stamper.
  • 1994: We purchase 1.4 adjacent acres for future manufacturing expansion.
  • 1995: Ramcel purchases three new Minster E2 press lines: two 160 ton and one 200 ton.
  • 1997: We added an additional 6,000 square feet of warehouse space.
  • 1998: Ramcel Engineering expands the Engineering Department into its own facility.
  • 1998: We begin implementation of die sensor program to prevent tool damage.
  • 1999: Ramcel Engineering purchases a totally enclosed automatic vapor degreaser.
  • 2000: Ramcel Engineering is certified to ISO 9002 and QS 9000 standards, purchases Navision ERP software, and begins implementation.
  • 2002: We purchase a 400 ton Minster E2 Hevi Stamper, a View Summit 800 inspection machine, and construct a training center.
  • 2003: Ramcel Engineering initiates the use of Analog Sensors for in-die measurements including the purchase of additional “Smart Pacs” and servo feeds.
  • 2005: Ramcel Engineering designs and builds an automatic assembly machine complete with a vision system to optically inspect internal features for an assembly for the computer industry.
  • 2006: We designed and built our first in-line vision system to verify the presence of more than 134 features for a part in the automotive industry & receives certification to TS: 16949
  • 2007: Ramcel Engineering begins to relocate equipment for increased material flow and introduces 5S and Lean Principals company-wide. Purchases new ancillary equipment for more efficient handling of larger tooling and new equipment to aid in the reduction of tool set up times.
  • 2008: We purchase a large scale automatic deburring machine with increased capacity.
  • 2009: Ramcel Engineering adds energy efficient lighting throughout entire plant & receives certification to ISO 14001.
  • 2010: We purchased a Minster 600 ton Hevi-Stamper press line along with a Panasonic 6KG ARC robotic welding cell with auto-index table. Also added an on-line press efficiently monitoring software with automatic data collection.
  • 2011: Ramcel Engineering purchases a coil car system for 600 ton Minster Press and pad printing equipment. Also purchased is a press mounted acoustical monitoring system for slug detection.
  • 2012: We purchased 2 in-line automated vision inspection machines for 2 parts for the automotive industry that have safety severities of 10. Machines have the capability to automatically formulate X Bar and R Charts. Also purchased a second Panasonic 6KG ARC robotic welding cell with auto-index table, a Tinius Olsen tensile tester and a Mitutoyo Quick Vision CMM.
  • 2014: Ramcel takes over an additional 20,000 square feet of warehouse/manufacturing space at 3118/3120 MacArthur Blvd. Purchased a Mecco Laser Etching Machine with auto indexing turntable.
  • 2015: We purchased an additional 100 ton Minster High Speed Press Line with an additional in-line automatic vision inspection machine.
  • 2016: RAMCEL President/CEO, Rocky Palmi, and CFO, Jason Palmi, purchase RAMCEL. Company name is changed to RAMCEL Precision Stamping and Manufacturing LLC
  • 2017: Jason Palmi, having been instrumental in the expansion and strategic growth of the firm while serving as CFO and member of the Senior Management Team, is named President.

Doing it right for over 60 years.