Partnering For Success

August, 22, 2018

Among the characteristics that make Ramcel exceptional is our ability to adapt and address specific client needs – whether it be engineering quality, tooling, or other aspects of the manufacturing operation. We are frequently asked by customers to study their parts manufacturing process in search of areas where greater efficiencies and profitability can be achieved.

This document provides an example where a multi-billion-dollar customer challenged us to extend traditional boundaries in addressing two critical objectives:

1) Assist them in exiting the manufacturing process.

2) Help in parts redesign, engineering, and tooling.

To accomplish these objectives, Ramcel established a unique relationship with our customer to add greater value to their products while remaining cost effective.

Partnering For Success

Manufacturing is our core.

Our customer – a recognized and highly respected brand – had been manufacturing their products in-house for some time. They believed that manufacturing internally would better manage their supply chain and reduce costs.

However, in 2017 they recognized that precision manufacturing was both capital intensive and outside their core competences. It was not meeting their expectations. They needed to exit manufacturing without threatening their reputation for high quality. A sophisticated manufacturer was needed – someone with the expertise and resources to assume such responsibility.

Ramcel Precision Stamping and Manufacturing was their chosen solution. Our customer selected us to create a partner-type relationship. This involved Ramcel acquiring existing manufacturing equipment, adapting tooling, establishing performance parameters, implementing strict quality control, and assuming

Partnering For Success

Engineering Expertise

As part of this unique relationship, Ramcel is now a critical resource for our customer in product design, development, processes, and production. Our Engineering Team collaborates with our customer at the conceptual and part design phase thus utilizing our expertise in simplifying the production of complex parts.

Our experience in engineering, precision stamping, and assembly resulted in part redesign that improved performance, while becoming more cost effective.

3D printer Ramcel
A photo of engineers working with a 3D printer

Our collaboration with the customer is resulting in fewer component parts within their design and is less capital intensive to manage.


Strategic Partnering

In addition to efficient redesign of selected parts, Ramcel Precision Stamping and Manufacturing is now managing much larger portions of our customer’s supply chain and raw materials.

Our experience and involvement has also resulted in a major redesign of the next generation platform for our customer’s brand – a platform serving as the foundation of multiple SKUs and product variations. We have enhanced part performance, added functionality, generated greater efficiency, and delivered lower cost. And, the overall return on our customer’s investment in tooling, manufacturing, and inventory has improved.

Focus on ROI.

This document describes just one example of our expertise, problem-solving skills, and collaboration with customers. As a leading producer of precision metal stampings for global industries, Ramcel is uniquely modeled to address manufacturing challenges and opportunities. By integrating superior design, process stamping, quality control, automation, and specialized services and processes, our customers enjoy the benefits of:

• Expert engineering in product development.

• A single source supplier with a dedicated Project Manager.

• Strategic partnering in innovation and reverse engineering.

• Comprehensive manufacturing, processing, and assembly.

• Precision monitoring and quality assurance.

• Faster completion of production and on-time delivery.

• Competitive pricing.



Rocco Palmi

CEO at Ramcel Precision Stamping and Manufacturing, LLC

Rocky Palmi is a recognized industry leader having demonstrated a vision, mission, commitment, and practical understanding of what it takes to deliver superior quality products and services. Much of Mr. Palmi’s vision and success is attributed to his unique background in the metal industry – from model maker, to developing quality systems, to building sales and customers, to applying innovative technology and thinking, to leading in the corporate C-suite. Rocky has consistently exceeded performance trends within the industry and customer expectations. He adds value to everything he touches.