Patent-Protected Engineering

May, 26, 2017

We are frequently asked by customers to study their parts manufacturing process in search of areas where greater efficiencies and profitability can be achieved. Sometimes, our search results in the development of new products and designs that are superior in performance and provide greater profitability.

This document provides an example where a customer challenged us to create a new, patent-protected device that was superior to other products on the market and offered incremental profits through bundling related supplies for their customers.

Ramcel is a leading producer of precision metal stampings for global industries. We specialize in producing metal parts that are high volume, highly complex, and require a high degree of engineering, tight tolerances, and parameters where quality assurance and safety is critical.

Consumer Medical Device

Our client, a medical products manufacturer and distributor, did not have engineering resources in-house. To create a new product to compete with other patent-protected devices, they chose to rely on the unique talent and expertise of the engineering team at Ramcel.

Engineering Expertise

The goal was to create a precision metal pill crusher that was sufficiently different from those currently available and that was patent-protected. By involving our engineers with our customer’s product managers early-on, we collaborated to take an objective and proactive view of the new product design, functionality, features, and production needs.


A photo of Ramcel engineers working collaboratively
Ramcel Engineering Team



Our engineers went back to the drawing board, did some investigation, and reverse engineered the current patent-protected competitive products. We observed that there were 3 different ways that competitors had their patents protected:

1) A pill crusher that used a lever to push one wall against a second fixed wall.

2) One that used a lever to pull a moving wall against a fixed wall.

3) A third that simply forced a moving wall down against a fixed lower wall.

Knowing that we had to find a way to create pressure that was different from those 3, we designed a unique product from the ground-up that vertically mounted 2 dual-pivoting walls and created forces simultaneously by meeting in the middle when force was applied to the lever. When the handle was pressed down, a pivot at the bottom of this device forced both walls together. We created a dual movement bite design that simultaneously brought both crushing jaws together.

PillCrusher Ramcel Engineering


Our engineering expertise developed this design and created working prototypes within one month. Most significantly, we’ve cleared patent hurdles, possessed a design patent, and are now in consumer testing.

Projected ROI.

By having their own branded pill crusher, our client not only offered their customers a unique product with superior functioning – dual movement bite design – but also created the need (sales) for the complementary disposal bags necessary for use. The incremental sales from disposable bags/pouches was projected to have a significant positive impact on their profitability.

Focus on ROI.

This document describes just one example of our expertise and problem-solving skills. Ramcel is vertically integrated to add value for our customers. By integrating superior design, stamping, and specialized services and processes, we improve design, reduce costs, speed production, and eliminate time consuming moving of parts to different locations. Our customers enjoy the benefits of:

• Expert engineering in product development.

• A single source supplier with a dedicated project manager.

• All manufacturing, processes, and assembly under one roof.

• Custom manufacturing and monitoring by our exceptional engineering team.

• Faster completion of the production process and delivery.

• A very competitive price.

We continually search for ways to leverage costs to achieve the best return on our clients’ investment. We keep pace with new techniques, new equipment, and processes. It enables us to meet the highest standards of precision and cost-efficiency.

Rocco Palmi

CEO at Ramcel Precision Stamping and Manufacturing, LLC

Rocky Palmi is a recognized industry leader having demonstrated a vision, mission, commitment, and practical understanding of what it takes to deliver superior quality products and services. Much of Mr. Palmi’s vision and success is attributed to his unique background in the metal industry – from model maker, to developing quality systems, to building sales and customers, to applying innovative technology and thinking, to leading in the corporate C-suite. Rocky has consistently exceeded performance trends within the industry and customer expectations. He adds value to everything he touches.