Reverse Engineering for ROI

May, 01, 2017

We are frequently asked by customers to study their parts manufacturing process to identify areas to improve on efficiency.  This document provides an example of a situation where our expertise and problem-solving skills improved production efficiency and reduced both capital and assembly costs.

Ramcel is a leading producer of precision metal stamping for global industries.  We specialize in producing metal parts that are high volume, highly complex, require a great degree of engineering, and have tight tolerances and parameters where quality assurance and safety is critical – often requiring 100% inspection of each and every part.

We are continually searching for ways to leverage costs to achieve the best return on our customers’ investment.  One of the best ways we leverage costs is by becoming involved with our customer’s engineering team early on, so we can contribute to a proactive view of their product and production needs.

Base Tray for Cloud Storage Device

In this particular case, our customer challenged us to reduce the cost of producing a high-volume part for a computer industry assembly.  Production would involve both metal stamping and assembly, which are services Ramcel provides in-house. This eliminates any need to move parts from one production location to another, saving time and costs.  Ramcel thrives on addressing these challenges with practical solutions.

Photo of Ramcel engineering progressive stamped drive cages


The engineering drawings for this part that we received from our customer indicated 5-separate stamped pieces and a multi-step assembly process.

Reduce Tools to 2-Piece Stamping.

The Engineering Team at Ramcel reverse engineered the part and identified critical processes that could benefit from progressive stamping.  Progressive stamping at Ramcel reduced the 5-pieces (and dies) to a 2-piece design, which would save over a quarter of a million dollars in die cost alone.

In addition to savings in tooling costs, our recommended progressive stamping solution significantly reduced assembly processes and time.  That is true leverage in achieving the best return on tooling, production, and assembly costs.


Reduced Assembly Costs.

With the tray for the computer storage device, Ramcel completed all the assembly in-house.  Also, by migrating assembly to a 2-part process, our customer enjoyed savings on every production run and shipment.

We pride ourselves on providing solutions that eliminate multiple operations and part handling.  By stamping, processing, assembling, and shipping from a single location, we eliminate time-consuming and costly movements of parts from location to location, saving our customers time and money.

Photo of engineers cusom metal stamping

We maximized efficiency in both production and assembly – delivering true ROI.

Staggering Results – Real ROI!

By every conservative estimate, the measurable results of Ramcel streamlining this stamping project and integrating in-house custom assembly are outstanding.  We . . .

  • Reduced capital costs by over $300,000.
  • Cut handling and assembly costs by over 50%.
  • Slashed delivery time.
  • Saved an excess of $1-million over the life of the product.

Benefits that are measurable and significant.

Focus on ROI.

This document describes just one example where our expertise and problem-solving skills improved production efficiency and reduced both capital and assembly costs.

Ramcel is committed to constantly improving processes, services, monitoring, and product quality for our customers.   We continually search for ways to leverage costs to achieve the best return on their investment.

Ramcel is vertically integrated to do exactly that – reduce overall costs and add value for our customers.   By integrating stamping and specialized services and processes, we reduce costs and speed production and eliminate the time-consuming moving of parts to different locations.   Our customers enjoy the benefits of:

  • A single source supplier with a dedicated Project Manager.
  • All manufacturing, processes, and assembly under one roof.
  • Custom manufacturing and monitoring by our exceptional engineering team.
  • Faster completion of the production process and delivery.
  • A very competitive price.

We continue to keep pace with new techniques, new equipment, and processes.  It enables us to meet the highest standards of precision and cost-efficiency.

Rocco Palmi

CEO at Ramcel Precision Stamping and Manufacturing, LLC

Rocky Palmi is a recognized industry leader having demonstrated a vision, mission, commitment, and practical understanding of what it takes to deliver superior quality products and services. Much of Mr. Palmi’s vision and success is attributed to his unique background in the metal industry – from model maker, to developing quality systems, to building sales and customers, to applying innovative technology and thinking, to leading in the corporate C-suite. Rocky has consistently exceeded performance trends within the industry and customer expectations. He adds value to everything he touches.