Total Management Process

March, 29, 2017


Many have inquired as to how Ramcel maintains our leadership position as producer of precision metal stamping for global industries.  The answer is both simple and complex.  This document provides:

  • An overview of our expertise.
  • A description of our approach.
  • The steps Ramcel takes to ensure the application of our highly-disciplined processes to address our customers’ unique manufacturing needs.


For over 60-years Ramcel has specialized in producing metal parts that are high volume, highly complex, requiring a high degree of engineering, tight tolerances, and parameters – where quality and safety are critical – often requiring 100% inspection of each and every part.


The ‘special sauce’ that has led to our longevity and steady growth is a delicate balance of the right people, the right processes, the right equipment, and value-driven relationships with customers. This is our unique Total Management Process. Ramcel takes the ‘long-view’ in integrating this process to address the unique needs of customers competing in the global marketplace.


Here is how our Total Management Process works:

The Right People.

At the heart of the Ramcel difference is our people – our highly skilled engineers and support staff who implement a disciplined multi-step process in addressing customer needs.

When a customer asks for a quote, we request a model file and any specifications pertinent to the project. We import that model file into our 3-D printer to bring a model of the part to life.  Then, our team uses the model to design the tool.

3D printer Ramcel
A photo of engineers working with a 3D printer


In-line Die Sensors

Our progressive dies are designed to meet strict specifications.  Ramcel makes aggressive use of die sensor technology to ensure strip location, slug detection, and part ejection with every stroke of the press.

3D printer Ramcel
A photo of engineers working with a 3D printer


Custom Machines. 

We also design and build special machines and automated devices, some with in-line vision systems to ensure the quality of specialized parts. Non-conforming or suspect parts are automatically detected and separated from the accepted population.

3D printer Ramcel
A photo of engineers working with a 3D printer


Precision Monitoring.

Our SPC equipment and software interfaces with our full range of inspection equipment.  Each stamping undergoes exacting testing throughout every phase of the manufacturing process.

3D printer Ramcel
A photo of engineers working with a 3D printer

Our Quality Control lab has state of the art equipment including visual scanning and touch probe precision measuring devices. We measure parts quickly and efficiently to ensure that production processes are in control.  We provide clients with a comprehensive documentation package reporting results for administrative archiving and regulatory filings.

This is all part of a responsible, comprehensive Total Management Process.


Collaboration and Problem Solving. 

For all new tooling programs, we dedicate a Project Manager who is responsible for the scheduling, tracking, communication, and coordination between our personnel, outside vendors, and the customer. Our direct involvement with the customer permits us to exchange ideas in design and cost efficiency.

Ramcel Engineers Collaborating
A photo of engineers working with a 3D printer

We are proud of the long-term collaborative relationships we have developed with customers worldwide. They tell us that our approach to the Total Management Process is all about doing it ‘right’. At Ramcel, we do more than deliver precision metal stampings. We provide:

  • A talented engineering team, skilled in problem solving.
  • The best equipment available.
  • Integration of the latest technology and processes.

And, we deliver unique, cost effective, custom solutions.

Focus on ROI.

Ramcel is committed to continuous improvement in product quality and service to our customers.   We are constantly searching for ways to leverage costs to achieve the best return on their investment in tooling and assembly.

Ramcel is vertically integrated to do exactly that, reduce overall costs and add value for our customers. We leverage costs through state-of-the-art custom automation machinery and processes. We build custom machines and automation devices to drive ROI and deliver the most cost effective solution possible.

That’s the Ramcel difference.  


Rocco Palmi

CEO at Ramcel Precision Stamping and Manufacturing, LLC

Rocky Palmi is a recognized industry leader having demonstrated a vision, mission, commitment, and practical understanding of what it takes to deliver superior quality products and services. Much of Mr. Palmi’s vision and success is attributed to his unique background in the metal industry – from model maker, to developing quality systems, to building sales and customers, to applying innovative technology and thinking, to leading in the corporate C-suite. Rocky has consistently exceeded performance trends within the industry and customer expectations. He adds value to everything he touches.