Case Studies

Partnering for success
August, 22, 2018

Among the characteristics that make Ramcel exceptional is our ability to adapt and address specific client needs – whether it be engineering quality, tooling,

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November, 03, 2017

This document describes a situation where our project managers identified a need to improve quality control.    Then, our solutions-oriented engineering team designed and built a new automated machine with a fully automated quality monitoring process to address that need.

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May, 26, 2017

This document provides an example where a customer challenged us to create a new, patent-protected device that was superior to other products on the market and offered incremental profits through bundling related supplies for their customers.

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Photo of engineers cusom metal stamping
May, 01, 2017

In this particular case, our customer challenged us to reduce the cost of producing a high-volume part for a computer industry assembly.  Production would involve both metal stamping and assembly, which are services Ramcel provides in-house. This eliminates any need to move parts from one production location to another, saving time and costs.  Ramcel thrives on addressing these challenges with practical solutions.

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March, 29, 2017

Many have inquired as to how Ramcel maintains our leadership position as producer of precision metal stamping for global industries. The answer is both simple and complex.

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Ramcel custom machines
March, 16, 2017

We are frequently asked by customers to study their parts manufacturing process to identify areas where efficiencies can be achieved. This document provides an overview of our expertise and identifies some of the steps Ramcel takes to leverage manufacturing processes to improve efficiency and reduce costs.

Ramcel is a leading producer of precision metal stampings for global industries.

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