Vision Systems

Ramcel Engineering is constantly searching for ways to leverage costs for our customers. Coupled with continuous improvement, we design and build custom automatic assembly machines and in-line vision systems to achieve the best investment for our customers. Shown below are a few examples of inspection machines with integrated vision sensors.


Ramcel Engineering designed and built this in line vision system to check and verify the presence of 134 stamped features. If a non-conforming part is detected, the part is automatically diverted into a locked compartment. This prevents any chance of non-conforming parts getting to the customer. Thus, our customer receives the parts with all features all of the time. This system has created a level of confidence our customer had never before seen from any of its vendors.


Here is a custom built vision system which measures and verifies the presence of 84 features on an extremely critical automotive part. On this particular vision system, all inspection data is stored on our network for future evaluation per the customers’ requirements. They are then allowed to access the inspection data should the need arise. A unique feature of this automated inspection system is the non-conforming parts containment system. If the system detects a non-conforming part, the suspect part is dropped into a “part destruction” station. A pneumatic ram crushes the suspect non-conforming part before it’s deposited into a locked scrap container.