Custom Metal Stamping

Industry Leadership

For over 60-years, RAMCEL has maintained our leadership position in the evolving global marketplace by consistently updating our processes, technology, and equipment to meet the needs of our customers. We train and retrain our staff of highly-skilled professionals. We’re continually advancing to anticipate and meet customer needs.

RAMCEL extends traditional boundaries in providing Clients with:

  • Solutions-oriented thinking.
  • Unique engineering expertise.
  • The latest technology.
  • Advanced data collection and monitoring for quality control.

This commitment ensures delivery of the most cost-effective manufactured parts to our customers.

In-Die Sensor Program

Our professional staff understands the need to use digital and analog sensors to protect custom metal stamping tools. We address sensor solution in the design phase of new tools to prevent downstream costly issues while running stamping tools. We create the safest running tool possible.

Every progressive stamping line in our facility uses SmartPac Automation Controllers in combination with servo-driven roll feeds. And we implement Acoustic Wave Monitoring Systems to detect process deviation. The waveform is monitored throughout the entire production run to ensure conformity and desired tolerance.