Progressive Stamping of Steel Shift Gates

These progressive stamped internal and external shift gates, displayed to the left, are used as components within automobile steering columns. These parts serve as an example of Ramcel Engineering’s superior progressive stamping capabilities, which allowed our company to build 2,000,000 of these steel shift gates each year with weekly releases.

To begin this project, Ramcel Engineering used a series of 400- to 600-ton Minster presses to build the gates from 1008 and 1010 HRPO steel. These presses were able to run at 50 cycles per minute and meet precision tolerances down to ± .005″.

We also deburred and heat treated all units to create a smooth, hardened finish. The finished components were put into VCI bags (400 pieces per bag) and placed onto 45″ x 48″ pallets, which were then shipped to our client’s facility in the Midwest.

Offering top-notch progressive stamping and manufacturing services, Ramcel Engineering was able to satisfy the high-volume needs of our customer, providing quality, precision products well within their production deadline.

Progressive Stamping of Steel Shift Gates Project Highlights
Product Description These progressive stamped Internal & External Shift Gates are used within the Automotive Industry for Steering Columns
Capabilities Applied/Processes Progressive Die Stamping
Inspection Services
Heat Treatment
  • Carbo Nitrite & Harden
  • .13-.50 Case Depth

  • Vibratory Deburr
Packaging Services
Equipment Used to Manufacture Wire Strippers Minster Press
  • 50 Cycle Per Minute
Overall Wire Stripper Dimensions External:
Material Thickness: .122"
Length: 2.660"
Width: 3.245"
Material Thickness: .122"
Length: 3.016"
Width: 1.230"
Tightest Tolerances ±.005"
Material Used 1008-1010 Hot Rolled , Pickled & Oiled (HRP&O) Steel
Material Finish None
In process testing performed Camera inspection
Estimated Part Weight .250 lbs
Industry for Use Automotive
Packaging Layer packed in small boxes
    Package 400 Pieces into Each VCI bags
    Place onto 45"x48" Pallets
Quantity Over 2,000,000 parts per year
Lead Time 2-4 Weeks
Delivery Location Midwest
Standards Met Customer supplied print, 2D Auto CAD Drawing
Product Name Steel Shift Gates