Progressive Stamping of Steel Snap Rings

Using our top-notch progressive stamping technology, Ramcel Engineering produced the steel snap rings, which are used as components within an automotive truck axle application. We made 2 product sizes – large and small – to meet the needs of our client. Our 300-ton Minster press, which ran at 60 cycles per minute, stamped these items from 1074 spring steel. We met overall precision tolerances down to ± .003″, with a flatness tolerance of .010″ and a parallelism tolerance of .040″, after heat treating.

After we stamped these items, there are a variety of finishing operations, including heat treating, bead blasting, and painting. We then passed all snap rings through a special bridge gage to ensure that the parts were painted on the proper side, according to client specifications.

After manufacturing was complete, all finished components are grouped into sets of 10, which were then packed into cartons and shipped to our client’s facility in the Southwest. Fulfilling our customer’s high expectations for quality, Ramcel Engineering stamped a total of 850,000 snap rings annually for the automotive industry within a 2 – to 4-week turnaround period per release.

This project serves as an example of our highly efficient progressive stamping services producing quality, precision components within short lead times.

Progressive Stamping of Steel Snap Rings Project Highlights
Product Description These progressive stamped steel snap rings are used within a(n) automotive/ truck axle application.
Capabilities Applied/Processes Progressive Die Stamping Services
Heat Treatment
  • Austemper
Bead Blasting Services
Painting Services
Inspection Services
Packaging Services
Equipment Used to Manufacture Wire Strippers Minster Press
  • 300 Ton Minster Press
    • 60 Cycles Per Minute
Overall Wire Stripper Dimensions Large:
Material Thickness: .125"
Height: 4.526"
Width: 3.961"
Material Thickness: .125"
Height: 3.460""
Width: 3.009"
Tightest Tolerances ±.003"
Flatness of .010"
Parallelism of .040"
Material Used 1074 Spring Steel
  • Spheroidized and Annealed
Material Finish
In process testing performed Pass thru special bridge gage to check paint is on proper side
Estimated Part Weight .20 lbs.
Industry for Use Automotive/Truck Axle
Packaging Layer packed in small boxes
    Groups of 10
    Nest rows into carton
    300 pieces per carton
Quantity Over 850,000 parts per year
Lead Time 2-4 Weeks
Delivery Location Southwest
Standards Met Customer supplied print, 2D Auto CAD Drawing
Product Name Snap Rings