Sensor Program

Ramcel Engineering’s In-Die Sensor Program

Ramcel Engineering has the on-going knowledge of the necessity of utilizing digital and analog sensors to protect your stamping tools. We realize that providing the best sensor solution for any stamping tool begins in the design phase of a new tool. This is essential in order to prevent downstream costly issues while running any stamping tool. During the design process for new tooling and review process on transferred tools, it is our goal to find the best possible solution. You can be confident that we will create the safest running tool possible.

Here are a few examples of sensor installations at Ramcel Engineering. Every sensor package we create is “plug and play” and all tools use the same multi-conductor cable to connect to a SmartPAC DSI (Digital Sensor Interface). Therefore, every sensor package we install can be utilized on any press line we own.


Ramcel Engineering utilizes many of the latest technologies for die sensing technology. Every progressive stamping line in our facility uses SmartPac Automation Controllers in combination with servo driven roll feeds. These controllers provide us the capability of:

  • 16 individual tool sensor inputs
  • 8 cam actuated outputs
  • Analog Measurement capability
  • Tonnage monitoring (numerical and waveform)
  • Network Monitoring of all press operations
  • O.E.E. recording and monitoring

We have also begun implementing Acoustic Wave Monitoring Systems to detect process deviation. This system uses various types of analog sensors embedded within a stamping tool to generate a wave signature. Once a known acceptable wave signature is obtained, a high and low tolerance limit is set accordingly. This waveform is then monitored throughout the entire production run. We have found this system to be unparalleled when it comes to detecting small debris or worn die components during a production run (click here to learn more).

Ramcel Engineering always strives to implement new and inventive solutions within our stamping processes. Whether you’re interested in Quality Control measurements or disaster prevention within a stamping tool, Ramcel Engineering has years of experience in providing solutions to better serve our customer’s needs.