What is Metal Stamping? A Brief Synopsis

Progressive metal stamping is the process of creating and producing metal parts to exact specifications through an automated stamping system containing multiple stations. This metalworking method uses an automatic feeding system to punch, bend, coin and manipulate raw metal materials. A strip of metal is fed into a multi-station die where each station performs one or multiple operations until the part is complete.

RAMCEL Precision Stamping combines the latest technology with problem-solving expertise to deliver high-quality and cost-effective custom metal parts. Additionally, our in-house engineering department works with you to develop your concept, design your parts, and handle your product management.

Metal parts made using the progressive metal stamping process are critical in supplying many industries throughout the world today–including but not limited to medical, aerospace, consumer, defense, automotive, and technology.

The production of metal parts can be complicated and requires highly skilled levels of engineering to ensure quality and safety. At RAMCEL we know that partnering with the right progressive metal stamper is essential.

With our value-added processes and services, RAMCEL delivers a complete solution for your business.

Our goal is to address your needs and exceed your expectations–even for your most challenging progressive metal stamping projects. When you partner with RAMCEL, you can count on excellent service, fast response times, and follow-thru from every member of our team.