Automation in Quality Control.

November, 03, 2017

We are frequently asked by customers to study their parts manufacturing process in search of areas where greater efficiencies, reliability, and profitability can be achieved.    Sometimes, our search results in new equipment and processes that result in superior product performance, fewer production rejects, and delivers greater profitability.

This document describes a situation where our project managers identified a need to improve quality control.    Then, our solutions-oriented engineering team designed and built a new automated machine with a fully automated quality monitoring process to address that need.

Safety Critical Breathing Device

Our client produces an emergency breathing device for the mining and military industries.  Among the many custom stamped parts required for the assembly is the ‘Band Latch’ shown below.  This component is part of the safety-critical assembled device used in emergency situations to allow oxygen for its users.  This small (1¼” by ¾’) safety-critical part required stamping, deburring, painting, and automated machining to remove any paint build-up in the countersunk hole while optically inspecting every part.

Ramcel Safety-critical Part for Stamping

Paint in the Counter-Sink

Following stamping of the item at the Ramcel facility, previously this part was outsourced to a vendor to apply the paint and plug the countersunk hole to insure it would be free of any paint.  The presence of any paint in the countersunk hole (reference photo) would result in the item being rejected – the paint would prevent proper seating of the mating ball when assembled.   This vendor previously monitored the quality via human visual inspection.

Following a brief period where the ‘reject’ level from the painter was unacceptably high, Ramcel Project Managers determined that only an automated visual monitoring process would deliver the required precision and quality control.   Human visual monitoring was simply not delivering the desired result.

Automated Counter-Sink Machine

Ramcel Engineers created a one-of-a-kind machine that applied our expertise in using sensors, automated countersinking, and camera technology to process and inspect 100% of the parts to ensure no paint is in the counter sink.  This unique machine:

– Applies sensor technology to target critical area.

– Automates counter-sinking or removal of the paint via countersinking.

– Applies camera monitor technology to inspect 100% of production.

– Automatically isolates/separates (and stores) any part with paint in the counter-sink area.

Ramcel Stamping Heavy Machinery

100% Quality Control Monitoring

This unique machine, developed exclusively for our Customer, ensures that no exceptions or defects ever reach our client.  Non-confirming parts are deposited into a locked box for examination upon conclusion of every shift.


The result is 100% precision parts delivered to our client – no non-conformers and no rejects – where quality assurance and safety is critical.

Ramcel stamping parts

Focus on Precision Quality.

This document describes just one situation where our expertise and problem-solving skills add-value for our Customer.    Ramcel is vertically integrated to accomplish this.    By integrating superior design, stamping, quality control, automation, and specialized services and processes, we improve design, reduce costs, speed production, and eliminate time consuming moving of parts to different locations.   Our customers enjoy the benefits of:

  • Expert engineering in product development.
  • A single source supplier with a dedicated Project Manager.
  • All manufacturing, processes, and assembly under one roof.
  • Custom manufacturing and monitoring by our exceptional engineering team.
  • Faster completion of the production process and delivery.
  • At a very competitive price.

Ramcel is a leading producer of precision metal stampings for global industries.  We specialize in producing metal parts that are high volume, highly complex, requiring a high degree of engineering, tight tolerances, and parameters where quality assurance and safety is critical.   We keep pace with new techniques, new equipment, and processes.  It enables us to meet the highest standards of precision and cost-efficiency.



Rocco Palmi

CEO at Ramcel Precision Stamping and Manufacturing, LLC

Rocky Palmi is a recognized industry leader having demonstrated a vision, mission, commitment, and practical understanding of what it takes to deliver superior quality products and services. Much of Mr. Palmi’s vision and success is attributed to his unique background in the metal industry – from model maker, to developing quality systems, to building sales and customers, to applying innovative technology and thinking, to leading in the corporate C-suite. Rocky has consistently exceeded performance trends within the industry and customer expectations. He adds value to everything he touches.